Electrical plugs and outlets are prone to heat when they are frequently used. This is mostly because there is a high tendency for a portion of electrical power to be converted to waste heat.

This waste heat is evident when the plugs feel warm to the touch.

While it is quite normal for plugs and outlet to give off a little heat, this phenomenon can quickly lead to more serious problems if left unchecked. There are a lot of reasons why appliances plugs and outlet get hot. Good understanding of them can help you take preventive measures or know when to call on our professionals in any suburbs in the eastern area of Adelaide.

Loose Connections

A loose connection can occur with the outlet or with the plug. A loose plug or outlet will cause an electrical current to be redirected to complete the circuit. They will demand more power to make up for abnormality and adequately power the device. This pressure will cause the plug or outlet to heat up and increase the chances of a fire or burn out. If the wall socket is loose, it is not safe, and you should plug your appliances on a firmer, working outlet.

Faulty Appliances

A faulty appliance can affect the plug; if a device is old or damaged, it can lead to shorts after some time. A short circuit occurs when a hot wire and neutral wire come in contact with each other, and this will happen in the plugs, in the appliance, and in the power cord. Short circuits are dangerous and can do more than heat up the plugs.

Small Plug, Big Appliance

A plug should be capable of putting out enough power required by the appliance it is built for. If there is a mismatch between input and output power heat will be given off, and this can damage the wall outlet or the plug. A plug will overheat when it carries more current than it can handle.

Other reasons include;

  • A corroded part within the plug or socket
  • Worn-out wiring in the plug
  • Improper connections in the plug
  • Poor or damaged insulation
  • Poor finishing by an inexperienced electrician when changing a plug
  • Transfer of heat from another plug or socket your appliance is plugged into.

If you observe this heating up frequently, it is advisable to call a reliable electrician to assess and correct any issues.