We recently discovered a possum living in a roof after we were called out to investigate why a house in Unley kept having electrical faults. About once a fortnight the electricity would go off. Our clients had tried everything to work out what was going on but would not solve the problem.

Once our electrician got up in the roof it became very obvious what was wrong. The cheeky possum was eating through loads of the wires in the roof space and had made a nice little home for himself. This would be why her power kept tripping irregularly.

Problem now solved, with the wiring being replaced and our electrician arranging to have the possum caught and re-located. Our client has had no more problems with power loss and so is very happy!

It is a good idea to try and get possums or other animals re-located from your roof space as soon as possible as they are drawn to the heat in the electricity cables which causes them to eat through the wiring.

Remember – always treat electricity and electrical wires with caution and always call a licenced electrician to complete the works – 1800 350 350