Do your light bulbs keep blowing and you don’t know why? There are many different reasons why light bulbs can blow. This article will explore some of the most common.

  1. The elements in cheap light bulbs are of poorer quality and any surge of strength could result in damage. Maybe consider going for slightly more expensive, better quality bulbs as these may result in fewer expenses in the long run.
  2. An unfastened connection inside the lamp holder can also be a reason why light bulbs blow. This is due to the fact that the circuit is not as tight as it should be and the power may be required to jump across the contact, rather than continuouslyflowing through it. This jumping produces more heat in the fitting than is predicted or catered for by the bulbwhich can lead to the light bulb blowing.
  3. The same can occur if the spring loaded connection within the light bulb holder is slightly loose. This will cause energy to arc, thus generating an excessive amount of heat which can again blow the bulb. This could be diagnosed by looking on the contact on the bottom of the bulb to see if it is pitted.
  4. If the light bulb that frequently blows is in a high traffic area such as close to a ceiling fan or below a child’s bedroom, vibration can break the fragile filament found inside a light bulb causing the electronic parts inside the compact fluorescent lamp to separate.
  5. Additionally, a lot of light fittings are poorly designed. If there is poor airflow around the light fitting itself, the light bulb can overheat resulting in failure.
  6. If you turn on your light switch in a rush, current quickly flows through the filament rapidly heating it and this can also lead to a light bulb blowing. Switching on a light normally would cause the filament to heat up and increased resistance would then lead to the filament settling down to a steady current.

What you should check when your bulb blows at home:

  • Check the wire connection inside the bulb holder.
  • Identify the brand of the bulb and ascertain if the manufacturer is reputable.
  • Check if the spring loaded connectors are working well inside the bulb holder.
  • Lastly check the tightness of the connection in your light switch.

After considering all of your options you find that light bulbs are continuing to blow, contact your experienced and qualified electrician for assistance to identify and resolve the issue.