While a lot of us will experience spending time outdoor throughout the day when there’s masses of sunlight to head around, the outside can often turn out to be ‘off limits’ when darkness falls and you’re not able to see what you’re doing. Add a little bit of outdoor lighting though and you all of a sudden have a space where you can read, chat or enjoy a nice dinner long into the small hours.

The right lighting makes a garden area look much more romantic, atmospheric and all-round pleasant to spend time in.

Very easy and simple fixes to light up your garden:

  • Lanterns – they can be used for indoors and outdoors and for festive fun
  • Solar lights – for illuminating a path or highlighting your planting
  • Strings of lights – can create atmosphere where you need it (make sure they are for outdoor use!)

Patio Lighting

  • Spotlights can be used around the patio
  • Highlight your outdoor kitchen and use spotlights for your working area
  • Wall Sconces
  • Lamp posts
  • Hanging lanterns

Garden Lighting

  • Paver lights on patio or walkways and pathways
  • Lamp posts for walkways
  • Underwater lighting for pools, water features and ponds
  • Illuminate decorative features or trees with Up- or downlights
  • Accentuate with Spotlights

Safety and Security Lighting

  • Motion sensor lights to illuminate dark corners