Did you know that changing from normal lighting to LED lighting can save you loads of money?

LED lights last for over 50 000 hours. 

They also use far less electricity so you should see a measured decrease in your electrical bill each time in arrives.

We regularly convert customers to LED downlights in areas such as Norwood, Burnside, Unley, North Adelaide and Prospect. We have never had a customer who was not happy that they made the conversion due to the light quality and the money saving. 

For the elderly it is important that they know that their lights will last the 50 000 hours so that they are not having to get up on the ladder and change over globes. Steven, from Hyde Park (in his 70’s), rests easy knowing that after he converted to LED lighting he will never have to get up on a ladder to change a bulb again – great peace of mind!

If you are interested in saving money with LED lighting, then call us now – 1800 350 350