Repairs at your home or business or a new
wiring installation for your new property? Make
sure you use a licensed electrician


When you need a rewiring service, repairs at your home or business or a new wiring installation for your new property, make sure you use a licensed electrician.

We offer a wide range of services when it comes to wiring and rewiring. Our 
free quotes offer you peace of mind that you will know what the service will
cost you up front before we start work. 

Some of the wiring services that we offer are:

Wiring Assessment

 This is most frequently used when clients are looking to buy a property and want to be sure of its electrical safety and to be sure that the wiring (and switchboard) comply with Australian standards. We will visit site and give you a comprehensive report. If we identify electrical hazards, we will give you advice around how to make them safety and the costing associated with this.

Wiring Assessment

In Adelaide, many of our clients are faced with living in properties where the ‘old’ wiring exists. This is the wiring that was previously insulated with rubber and is now illegal to install due to the high risk of fire. We are happy to provide a free assessment of your property and quote you on getting all the old wiring removed and replaced with the new, compliant wiring. This will lower your risk of fire danger in your home.

New Wiring

And of course, we can run new wiring as required as you make changes in your home or office. Call us now for a free quote.


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We can tailor a solution for your budget and agree on a price up front before we start any work so you know the costs that are associated with the work that we carry out.

We provide our customers with a quality finish along with exceptional customer service.

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