Motion Sensor

Energy efficient lighting strategy and with
even more benefits such as sustainability and

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensors are an energy efficient lighting strategy and with even more benefits such as sustainability and security. They can be used anywhere in or outside of your property and are not expensive to set up. They are most effective in areas that are not frequently used and where lights are often accidently left on such as the basement or attic, garage, pantry, or conference rooms and storage areas. 

Entering a dark room and trying to find the light switch – not with motion sensor lights. With this technology you do not have to turn a switch, the sensor will do it for you. And this makes it electrical efficient, as the light only turns on when you really need it and there is no chance of forgetting to switch off the light anymore. 

For the environment and your costs, motion sensor lights help to reduce and conserve.

Motion sensor light are an effective way to increase your home security, as it makes it much harder to break into your home and remain unnoticed when the house is lit properly.

Lighting occasional areas with motion sensor lights like the basement or attic, garage or pantry gives you more comfort, as you don’t have to search for the switch and the area will light up just by your motion.


Motion sensor lights can also be linked to daylight control to detect your ambient light conditions and switch lights to on or off automatically. This is specifically useful for inside areas such as the hallway or industries where controlling the lighting is particularly relevant.  

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