Reverse Cycle
Heating and
Cooling Systems

Reverse Cycle Heating and Cooling Systems

Don’t forget about your cooling and heating system at home, in your office or business premises to always have the best temperature for your comfort.

  • Reverse cycle air conditioning extracts heat from the outside air and transfers it inside. A refrigerant is passed through an external coil, absorbing heat from the outside air. This refrigerant is then pumped through a compressor into a fan coil unit (or'condenser') inside the home, releasing its heat into the room. Up to three or more units of heat can be transferred for every unit of electricity used to run reverse cycle air conditioning.
  • Split System air conditioning are an ideal heating and cooling system for your home or business for air conditioning one or two rooms or a specific area. It con- sists of an indoor unit which is usually wall mounted and connected to an outdoor unit by pipes and wiring.

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