You might be tempted to panic when the light suddenly goes off in your home. Some more informed owners will head for the switch board and reset the circuit breaker (also known as the safety switch) to bring the light back on. This is not only dangerous but can become frustrating when the switch board makes a habit of tripping. The truth is, your circuit breaker is designed to protect you when any abnormalities are detected in your electrical wiring. Tripping the circuit breaker prevents any overheating or damage to your home appliances.

The real question should be what causes this frequent tripping? When the source of the problem is identified, then you can get it fixed and enjoy an uninterrupted electrical flow.

1. Ground Fault

Ground wiring is the work of a professional and not one you should try to play with. A ground fault occurs when a hot wire contacts the ground wire. These wires can be identified as black and bare copper or green respectively. When both wires touch, large amounts of electricity are passed through the circuit which in turn causes it to trip as a safety measure for the abnormality.

2. Short Circuit

A short circuit is similar to the ground fault. It is when a hot wire (black), touches a neutral wire (white). A short circuit is dangerous, and the surge of electricity can lead to a fire, sparks, or high temperatures. This means that a short circuit problem does more than causing your circuit breaker to trip. The source of a short circuit can be a faulty electrical switch, appliance, plug, receptacle, or cord. Improper wiring will quickly lead to a short circuit and needs to be corrected by a local professional.

3. Overloading your Circuit

This is the most common cause of switch board trips. Some owners do not apply caution to their use of various demanding and equally undemanding appliances. If you should use your air conditioner, heater, blender, television, dryer, and so on at the same time, then you will be overloading your circuit. The circuit breaker will need to trip to prevent overheating and harming your appliances. A quick solution is to put off some appliances while using others or redistribute the demanding devices to another circuit. Also, note that if a power-hungry electrical appliance is damaged, it will cause an overload and even lead to tripping.

If you’re having trouble with your switch board tripping frequently, the team here at Circuit City Electrical would be happy to come and determine why this may be, specifically to your situation. Once one of our qualified technicians has found the source of the problem, they can not only correct this there and then but they can also help you to determine the best way to proceed by offering some suggestions and expert advice as to how you can prevent and reduce the occurrence of you switch board tripping in the future.