Home theater systems typically consist of multiple speakers with each distributing different audio channels. So you might have a few speakers near the TV to for film action and dialogue, and back speakers for background noise. 

All of this culminates into a more immersive viewing experience. Whether you’re watching your favourite movies or catching up on the latest shows, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get one installed.

However, one of the main concerns for installing a surround sound system is the wires. You can simply have them run along the floor, but you risk you or a family member tripping over them. There are also cable raceways, but these can be rather unsightly. So how can you completely hide the speaker wires from your home theatre system? The answer is with your hard wood floors.

The advantage is that the speakers wires are completely out of sight and you won’t have to worry about anyone tripping over them. Here we’ll look at how to hide speaker wires with hard wood floors

Remove the Base Mouldings

Run a sharp utility knife along the top of the baseboard to cut through the caulking. Then insert a metal putty knife between the baseboard and the wall. Carefully wiggle the tool to open a small gap and gently pry out the baseboard. In some cases, you may need a pry bar to help you remove the base mouldings. Take this step slowly so as not to damage the wall or mouldings. Then store the mouldings in a safe place, so you don’t accidentally damage or step on them.

Store the Wire in the Floor Gap

One of the main functions of baseboard moldings is to hide the gap between the floor and the wall. In some cases, they can also be utilized to make a design statement. With the base mouldings removed, you can run the speaker wire in this space if the gap is large enough. Then you could cover it up with the mouldings to conceal the wires.

Cut a Small Channel in the Wall 

If the gap between the floor and wall are not wide enough, another option to hide the speaker wires is to cut a channel in the wall behind the moulding. Alternatively, you can also cut a channel in the back of the moulding for the wires with a drywall saw or knife. Then install metal nail plates around the wires to prevent nails from accidentally penetrating through. 

Reinstall the Base Mouldings

Once you run the speaker wires a small channel in the wall, the last step is to reinstall the base mouldings with finishing nails. Then simply repeat the steps above to conceal other speaker wires from your home theatre system.

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