The electrical wiring of every home requires maintenance to remain safe and in working order. It is always recommended that you get a professional to diagnose the health of your home’s wiring, for your safety.

Some owners are tempted to think that if every appliance, ceiling fan, outlet or sockets are working, then, there is no problem with their electrical wiring. But experience has shown that while some issues display warning signs, there can equally be hidden dangers in your home’s wiring.

A safety first thinking will ensure you always check your home’s wiring or be on the lookout for the slightest signs. Here are some hidden dangers to pay attention to:

Old Home, Old Wiring

Contrary to general belief, electrical wiring is not built to last forever. A home’s electrical wiring has a lifespan of not more than 30-40 years. However, some homeowners pay little attention to replacing or repairing the worn-out system. A worn out electrical system is a disaster waiting to happen as it is regularly put under more pressure than it can handle.

Two-prong Outlets

Multiple two-prong outlets prove two things. First, that your home might be old and second that there is no ground circuit to protect you from shocks and other related accidents.

Three-prong outlets are a feature of a modern electrical system built from experience. The third prong which is a ground circuit ensures safety in tools and appliances in the event of excess electricity.

Vet Your Electrical Panels

Electrical panels can be overwhelming to look at, but it is important to note that an electrical panel houses all electricity supplied to your home. This panel contains the circuit breakers that trip when the system is overloaded.

Older panels or poorly maintained panels are a source of hidden dangers to your home. Breakers can wear out too and need to be checked from time to time by an electrician.

Also, while it is advisable to get familiar with your electrical panel, it is equally unsafe to make any changes to it. That is a job for the professionals!

Dimming lights when plugging heavy-duty appliances

If your lights dim when you connect a device such as the air conditioner or even an exhaust fan then that is more than a hidden danger. It is apparent that there is an issue with the electrical wiring and probably danger of overloading. The wires or circuits could be overtaxed and in need of replacement or repair.

Customer Experience:

We have recently worked with a young couple in Hyde Park that purchased a home a few years ago. This home was assessed before the couple moved in but because it can be hard to detect old wiring they were in need of a whole house re-wire. We were able to re-wire their home and restore their peace of mind, knowing that their home is safe for many years to come.