Naturally curious, kids touch and poke anything within their reach, even if it’s an electrical outlet, cord, or appliance. They’re too innocent to know the danger they’re putting themselves in. But as the parent, you know better. They could get shocked, burned, or even killed. So, don’t you think its time you taught them how to remain safe around electrical objects? If you don’t know where to start, here are a few electricity safety tips for kids.

Electrical Outlets

Let’s start with something kids can’t seem to resist prodding – electrical outlets. They’ll stick fingers, forks, or keys into the tempting holes if they’re given half the chance. And in response, you probably block the outlets with furniture and cover them with outlet covers.

That’s great, but is it enough? No, you still need to teach the kids never to touch an exposed outlet or to insert any object – metallic or otherwise – into it. Also warn them to stay clear of any outlet that sparks, buzzes, or smells of burning.

Electrical Cords

You may cover an electrical outlet, but you’ll still have to use it sometime. And when you do, the electrical cord will be laying around, ready for little hands to play with or little feet to trip over. So, how do your tame trailing cords?

Besides running the excess cord around doors, burying it under the rug, or securing it with tape, also talk to your kids. Teach them never to yank, play with, or place cords near water or fire. And when they see a worn or frayed cord, they should not only avoid it but also inform you immediately.

Electrical Appliances

Can your kids access electrical appliances as easily as they can get to outlets and cords? Not really, but kids love mimicking what you do. So, if you don’t store an appliance immediately after using it, or if you leave it unattended when using it, they’ll try to repeat what they saw you doing.

Store electric razors, blenders, or DVD players on a high shelf or in a lockable cupboard. And for TVs and other appliances you can’t store, fasten them to something to stop kids from knocking them over. You should also advise the kids never to insert fingers or objects into appliances, especially in toasters. And teach them to never pull at or push over appliances.

Electric Light Fixtures

Light fixtures, such as lamps and switches, are too high for a child to reach, right? Wrong, lights and anything associated with them fascinates kids, who’ll flick at a switch for the sheer fun of seeing the lamp repeatedly turn on and off.

Kids have burnt their fingers touching hot bulbs while others have been electrocuted after inserting their fingers into a bulb holder. So, inform your kids that they need your help to change light bulbs and that they shouldn’t touch lit bulbs. And they shouldn’t play with light switches either.

Electricity and Water

These two never go together, a simple fact that all kids should learn. Warn your kids about the dangers of mixing the two, even in seemingly innocent ways. For instance, kids should never touch an electrical outlet, cord, switch, or appliance with wet hands. They should also avoid using electrical appliances in or near sinks, bathtubs, or swimming pools. Even swimming during a storm is also dangerous since they can be struck by lightning.

Power Lines

What should you teach your kids about the dangers of power lines? Teach them as much as you can, for although the lines seem inaccessible, they can pose a danger to your kids. Some adventurous kids might be tempted to climb trees that are close to power lines. Warn them not to.

Also, warn them against hurling objects at power lines or flying kites near them since toys could get tangled in the lines. And if they see an electricity line on the ground, they should stay as far away from it as possible and immediately inform an adult. Finally, tell them to stay clear of fences, buildings, substations, or areas marked “High Voltage.”


Even in a home full of electric appliances, children can be safe. As a parent, take the necessary precautions to ensure your children’s safety. But don’t forget to teach them how to keep themselves safe.

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