It is common for older homes to be riddled with electrical hazards because electrical systems are not built to last forever. The electrical system in an older home is usually far from efficient because it has been used for a long time, this is why it is advisable to always run a complete check on the electrical wiring of a home before buying or moving in.

Faulty electrical wiring ranks among the most common cause of house fires in Australia. Therefore, when living in an older home, electrical safety is of great importance. In case you are wondering how old is old? Any home above 30 years is synonymous with a worn out electrical wiring. While the installation may not be damaged, it could need some upgrades or replacement.

There are some electrical hazards commonly associated with older homes. However, the good news is with a licensed electrician in your suburb in Adelaide you can get it fixed in no time.

Old Wiring, Old Panels

Modern wiring comes with more protection and efficiency to serve your home better. If you live in an older house then calling an electrician to vet your wiring and panel is advisable. Most old boards come with a 30-amp or 60-amp service which might no longer serve in these modern times. Electrical needs have increased to suit lifestyles and homes can now have a more upgraded value of 100-amp to 200-amp.

Also, old panels might not come equipped with a circuit breaker and it’s safety measures. A circuit breaker is an invaluable part of a home panel that acts as the first line of defense against electrical problems. Fuse panels are better off upgrading to a circuit breaker.

Overloaded Circuits

After being in use for so long, it is impossible to know how much pressure was placed on the electrical wiring. Most times the circuit in older homes is overloaded, and this leads to electrical hazards. With the installation fragile and worn-out, it is unsafe for continuous use without replacement.

Loose Electrical Connections

It is not strange for some outlets to be loose or the circuit breaker. Loose electrical connections can be found almost everywhere in an older home and are electrical hazards capable of birthing more severe problems. If some electrical connections are beyond your abilities, call an experienced electrician immediately to do a thorough check and tighten all the loose points.

While the electrical systems in most old homes are compromised, they can also be fixed, replaced or upgraded by professional electrical contractor