Frayed electrical cords are cords that are worn-out at a point, thereby exposing the live wires in the cable. Almost every appliance comes with an attached cord to plug it into a power source or an external cord to power it when needed. Most wires are durable, but even so, they are prone to wear and tear. We are often called out to homes of customers who have appliances or items within their home that have frayed or damaged cords.

Causes of Frayed Electrical Cord

Frequent use of an appliance or device

The electric cords used on frequently used devices like phones have a shorter lifespan than those that are not so often used.

Improper Care of Electrical Cords

Cables undergo a lot of stress in homes. Some owners keep them in all the wrong places such as under the rug, hanging on a wall, twisted in a bag and so on. With this kind of treatment, such cords are bound to break sooner than later.

What to do when an Electric Cord is frayed

You might be tempted to either fix the cord yourself or throw out the appliance altogether.  But there are some options to solve this problem

If the frayed cord is an extension cord, it is preferable to dispose of it and purchase a new one.

  • Use an electric tape

Rather than throw out your appliance, you can try a safe DIY by using electrical tape. Purchase an electric tape and wrap it neatly and tightly around the frayed spot while the device is unplugged and cold. Bear in mind that using electrical tape is neither pretty nor durable as this is just a temporary fix to allow you use the cord for a bit more time.

  • Contact an Electrician

While DIY is quick and temporarily effective, it is always safer to contact a local electrician for your electrical problems. Frayed cords are more dangerous than they look and can cause electrical injuries or even start a fire. If you cannot replace the cable or discard the appliance, then a professional electrician can provide a better solution.

Also, you can maintain your electrical cords and cables by keeping them in safe, out of sight places and not pulling them while plugged into an outlet.  

We recently were contacted by an elderly customer in Burnside whose dog had chewed through her wires leading to her outdoor shed. Don’t worry the dog was fine! But it was important for us to visit the site and make it safe again.