Australia is famous for its blazing warm months and with it comes it’s power outages. We need to be well prepared in order not to get stranded when it gets dark. We have put together some handy hints and steps to follow during a power outage, to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe and well-equipped ahead of this season.

1.  Get flashlights ready in numbers and on each floor; keep them in easily accessible locations around your home.  Be sure to also have plenty of fresh, spare batteries. 

2.  Have candles, matches, camping lights ready for use. Make sure to include a few longer, fireplace type matches for lighting fires in your fireplace or outdoors in a fire pit.

3.  Fill the empty area in your freezer with containers of water in advance. Frozen water will displace air and hold food longer if the electricity goes out. Keep in mind not to fill the whole containers for ice to expand. Your fridge and freezer will keep the food colder, when you do not open the door.

4.  If you use a landline in your home, you must have at least one phone with a handset cord. Many cordless phones will no longer work during a power outage.  Keep your mobile telephones charged – maybe get a cellphone automobile charger & an additional battery.

5.  Know how to open your gates and roller doors manually – if possible, put a manual onto a door so that you won’t have to search for it when the time you need it comes.

6.  Once the electricity goes out, unplug delicate electronic gadget including computer systems, printers, televisions, DVD and audio equipment. Whenever the electricity comes on; there can be power spikes which could harm sensitive electronics. Do not forget to turn off stoves, to reduce the risk of fire

7. Think about a transportable generator, solar or gas operated and have your BBQ ready to prepare your meals