If you want some ways to minimize your electricity bill here are some handy dandy tips and tricks to get you started:

No. 1 Look for bad habits

Now we don’t mean procrastinating to avoid doing the dishes. The easiest way to start becoming more energy efficient in the home (and you can start this immediately) is looking for your bad habits. You may have to face some hard truths here but by leaving a light or the fan on when you leave the room can start to really add up. Turning off appliances at the wall when your done with them like the microwave or maybe the toaster is another little money saver that’s easy to do.

No. 2 Check for leaks

All you can hear at night is the leaky tap in your bathroom it may be time to finally get that fixed. Being energy efficient also means giving your home a little TLC. No longer will the constant drip drops keep you up at night because it is no coincidence your electricity bill started to climb right alongside it. Another tricky one you may not have thought about but leaky windows too and no we don’t mean water anymore. During summer when the aircon is on if your windows aren’t properly sealed will let all the deliciously cold air out! Leaving you constantly lowering your temperature and leaving your aircon on for longer. 

No. 3 Install low flow or “green” features

Don’t get me wrong a green LED light in the bathroom would be funky but we mean green as in environmentally friendly. Not only will you be doing your part for the environment they are also much more energy efficient. Low flow features in kitchens and bathrooms including lighting installation can shave your electrical bill down! Upgrading your shower head or even changing the garden faucet to a low flow fixture can reduce water consumption by at least 20%!

No. 4 Do some gardening

This one is for the long haul. Have a weekend out in the sun and do some gardening, by planting a couple of trees here and there can help you keep cool in the summer especially living in Australia. Less exposure to the sun the better.

No 5. Upgrade your appliances/ equipment 

So, you’ve tried the easy tips and tricks the internet has to offer but it still just isn’t cutting it. Go have a look at your appliances and electrical wiring, let us know if they have been upgraded in the last 10 years. Go on we’ll wait… didn’t think so, it may just be time to update the old washing machine that you bought back to the 90’s. Or the water tank that is leaking something that is definitely not water. Most of the new appliances out now have amazing water saving/ energy saving features and even cool new ones too where all you need to do is download an app.